Playing the Irish Lottery

Almost every country has their own lottery, be it state-funded or privately run, more famously in the United States for their lucrative jackpots. The Irish Lottery, unlike other lotteries, offers people to join in even if a person lives elsewhere in the UK.

Playing Irish Lotto is easy as 1, 2, 3! Whether you live in Ireland or if you’re betting from another country. With just 2 minutes, you could instantly start.

If you’ve never played the Irish Lottery, here’s a guide for how it works.


The Irish Lottery started in 1987, so it’s older than the UK National Lottery. As we’ve just mentioned, the organizers don’t specify that you should be a resident of Ireland to participate – simply get on the web, pick your numbers, pay your tickets and you have as great a possibility as anyone of bringing home a prize.

An advantage of this draw is that there’s a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €2 million (about £1.7 million) and the sky’s the limit for the maximum amount – so the prize can turn over the same number of times as it takes for somebody to win it, by which time it could have grown significantly. 

Also, the Irish Lottery offers more odds to win. The odds of winning any prize are one out of 42, or one of every 8,145,060 for the jackpot, which is 40% better than with the National Lottery.

Irish Lottery Vs. Irish Lotto Bet

Bookies are not required to play the Irish Lottery – you can pick your own numbers and play on the web. You might be mistaking the Lottery for the Irish Lotto Bet, otherwise called Lucky Numbers or 49’s. This is a game dependent on the result of the Irish National Lottery, which you play by wagering at places like Betfred.

To play this version, you put a base stake of 50p on one ticket for each draw, with three draws each Wednesday and Saturday (main, second and third). You can wager on anything from one to five numbers in either the six or seven-number draw – and in the event that those numbers come up in the Irish Lottery, at that point you win a prize. 

However, you’re just betting on the results of the Irish Lottery and not playing the official game. In addition, bets and payouts may fluctuate depending on the bookmaker.

How to Play

  • Pick six numbers from 1-47. Regardless of whether you’re playing on the web or in-store, you should choose six main numbers. You can either pick  these using the number grid available, or you can choose Quick Pick to produce the numbers for you.
  • Choose which draws to enter. Draws take place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can choose on which draw you’d like to enter your ticket or play on both draws.
  • OPTIONAL: Choose the ‘PLUS’ option. Including ‘Plus’ to your ticket costs an extra €1 per line (you should buy at least two lines). When you include Plus, you get automatic entry to the Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 draws, alongside the Plus Raffle. That is three additional odds to win! In the event that you have chosen Plus, it will show up on your ticket as “PLUS: YES”.
  • Decide how far in advance to play. Before your payment is completed, you have to choose how many draws you need your ticket for. The choices include 1, 2, 4 or 8 draws. Some internet betting sites permit you to buy bets for as long as a year ahead of time, or by subscription.
  • Pay for your tickets. If you’re playing in-stores, you just need to pay the retailer the necessary amount (at least €4 for two lines, for one draw, without Plus). You will at that point get your ticket which you should keep until the draw has occurred. 

When you play online, your account will be charged for the sum of your ticket costs. Entering online brings various advantages, specifically you don’t need to keep hold of your tickets and you are notified of any winnings. Should you win a prize, you will have the option to withdraw your rewards from your account (withdrawal periods may depend upon the banking method used).

If the Irish Lottery seems like something you may try, then it’s worth trying for, whether that is an option with your usual gaming or as a new option. What’s more, you will play with the expectation of profiting by the luck of the Irish and scooping a win, so with certainty, you’ll need to know where you can check your numbers. The twice-week by week draws are televised thru satellite or internet streaming.

Click here to get started. Try it, and best of luck!

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