Louise’s Review of Costa Bingo

**The review below is impartial and does not necessarily represent the views of Belter Bingo**

Having never played online Bingo, (or online anything for that matter) I wasn’t really sure what to expect when first signing up to Costa Bingo. I had seen the advert on TV, with Scary Spice (my least favourite of the Spice Girls) promoting the site, but it looked kind of fun so I thought – why not?

When you first click on to the site you have to register, this was quite easy, just fill in your details. You are asked to complete your debit card details, there was no paypal facility, which some people might prefer to use rather than submit their card information.

You are then directed on to the site and given a number of options to click on to, with a special tab for newbies like myself.

Visit – Costabingo.co.uk

The instructions on how the site works are pretty simple to follow, directing you on how to deposit money (although you do have user-review - costa bingoan option to play for free) how to select what game you want to play, how to select you cards and how to mark them as the game begins.

The site is clearly set out, and there is an option to chat with other players and a help window to talk to a chat host if you are having problems.

However, when I did try to ask someone for help, I didn’t get any response for about 10 minutes, but when the host did appear they were very helpful, guiding me on how to mark my bingo cards and select new games.

You are notified what time your chosen game starts and how many people are playing that particular game. Found that if you wait until the last minute you will know if you’ve got better odds of winning (obviously the less people playing, the better your chances)

Also while you wait, you have the option to play other small games such as mini bingo, mini slots, and scratch cards.  These do cost 50p per play.

Some games are free, some games cost but these are clearly marked at the start of play. You have a chance to play for up to £1m in jackpots, with £360 in prize money to be won each day.

I deposited £10 and was given an extra £20 credit on my balance, when I left the site I was £15 up (with my winning coming from playing scratch card games)

Although there were quite a number of people playing at any one time, not many people were chatting and felt that you had to be “part of the group” to be able to join in. That said, I was welcomed by the host and given guidance on how to play.

Mel B is very vocal throughout the site, announcing the bingo numbers and generally commenting. I must say I did find her voice rather irritating after a while, but had an option to mute sound.

The gaming is quite addictive, and it is worth setting a limit both in time and spending, so you don’t run into trouble. All in all, I enjoyed my experience and spent a total of 2 hours on the site, completing 3 Bingo games and numerous scratch card games winning a total of £15 altogether.

Visit – Costabingo.co.uk

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