Benefits of Playing Bingo for the Elderly

Have you ever played Bingo? Bingo is a stereotype that’s referred to as one of those “games old people play.” Bingo for elderly people is an inclusive game where all are welcome regardless of ability levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a wheelchair or in the suffering from early stages of mental issues. Bingo is a great way for elderly people to sharpen their brain, enjoy socialization with other people, and improve their holistic physical health. Basically, there’s more to playing the Bingo game than meets the eye. Let us learn more about how playing Bingo can actually benefit elderly’s health.

  1. It makes them more sociable.

Bingo is an interactive game. It gathers people together from all over the place to physically be together in the same room, creating bond with each other. Since they are prone to stress, anxiety, and the feeling of being left alone, it is important for seniors to maintain an active social life. Players can start conversations with each other while numbers are being called and share a common goal – winning the Bingo.

  1. Improves mental health and alertness.

Playing games is not only a great way to kill time while resting. It is also an excellent way to experience positive vibes to decrease depressive symptoms and feeling of pain associated with recovering. Bingo requires its players to be mentally alert and aware of the numbers on their card, what the announcer is saying, and requires concentration, short-term memory, and the ability to retain information. This can sharpen their brain while enjoying a fun game with colleagues. Research has shown that bingo can also improve brain function among seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

As we come to our latter age, our body becomes slower and we lose some coordination skills. Because Bingo requires placing chips onto their card quickly and it’s a good step in improving hand-eye coordination. It may be simple movements but can be beneficial to the daily life of older adults. This can help your elderly loved one with household tasks that we all know they love to do.

  1. Source of happiness

With an exciting atmosphere and bonds shared by the players, playing Bingo would surely be a source of happiness especially for our elderlies. You may have seen players to be laughing while playing because they feel the enjoyment while at it. Truly, laughter is the best medicine. Studies have shown that laughter decreases stress hormones, increases immunity, and triggers endorphins- the body’s feel-good chemicals.

  1. An inclusive game.

Bingo is an all-inclusive game- meaning that a player does not have to be a professional to play. Seniors, adults, and younger ones can play and sit down for an engaging game of Bingo without worrying that someone will be left out. You just have to know the rules and you’re in. It’s even a beneficial game for those in the early stages of dementia.  

Overall, Bingo is more than just a game. Yes, it’s engaging and fun that can be competitive in a joyful way, knowing skill has very little to do with the outcome, but also, this is a platform to share and impart happiness for everyone- whether young or old.

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