Dana’s Review of Costa Bingo

**The review below is impartial and does not necessarily represent the views of Belter Bingo**

I registered and deposited £ 10. With this, I got a great bonus of extra £ 20.  As this was my first time logging on a bingo site ever, I was a little bit confused and unsure because I gave my personal details and my bank account to register and then to deposit I had to re-write exactly the same bank details.

I was afraid even though I didn’t confirm that I am giving more than £10 . Then I read the description of how to play each section and FAQ and I stopped worrying as much.  After I deposited the money I realized that there was a promotional code that I could have used it that  I was not aware of in the time of the registration.

Visit – Costabingo.co.uk

I, then, opened the page and started playing. I started opening all games and found “bingo 5p” and “10p” the most easy and user-review - costa bingounderstandable. I bought cards and started playing. During the game I didn’t know what 4tg meant and I asked on the chat. I didn’t get an answer at first, I asked again and got my answer. The other players were nice and polite and overall the chat was great.

What I didn’t like was that at the bottom of the site the alignment was not clear enough so that I could see the last numbers of my card. It would be better if the strip was located a bit further up so that I could see all the numbers.

The site was really easy to use and I would characterize it as a user-friendly one.  It was also very active (there were more than 750 players on free bingo and about 450 on 5p bingo). Straight on I would know what I was doing and how to play the game.

Not winning anything on bingo I started opening other games (scratch cards) where  occasionally I would win. I was betting small amounts of 25p or 50p and getting approximately 5p, 15 p only once I got  £ 2. I was playing for more than 4 hours and I would still have a respective amount to keep on. Overall, a very interesting site, well descriptive and easy to use.

Visit – Costabingo.co.uk

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